Wednesday, 9 June 2010

M-bus 900 Information

PiiGAB now launching its new generation of converters “PiiGAB M-Bus 900,” a series of converters designed to be remotely read energy meters. As the only supplier to offer PiiGAB remote from many sources simultaneously, where you can freely mix remote readings from local area networks, metropolitan networks, Internet, serial communication, or via the existing M-Bus devices.

- We have developed a new product generation that has long been requested at the market and will mean significant savings for our customers in that they can more easily get an overview of its total energy consumption, “says Bertil Göransson, Managing Director of PiiGAB.” With the new communication platform enables energy savings that benefit both the environment and economy. PiiGABs M-Bus 900 is used for remote reading of electricity meters, heat meters, water meters, and other types of meters, as well as digital and analog signals. Typical applications include the reading of meters in the industry, major real estate stocks, hospitals, and the reading of energy meters producers. PiiGAB 900 allows the user to simultaneously read data from the existing M-Bus meters for monitoring, billing and energy optimization. It is also possible to perform configuration and testing of meters simultaneously. PiiGABs new product will reinforce its position as a leader in energy measurement with M-Bus technology in the industrial and automation markets. The product contains a variety of news that has been requested on the market. Some of them can be summarized as follows:

• Local and central readings of the gauges from several different directions simultaneously

• Connect to existing M-Bus network

• Allows for redundant communication

• Reading meters via M-Bus and Modbus while

• Read a few M-Bus meters without external M-Bus driver via ASCII

• Allows connection to two independent networks

• Can be upgraded via software license key

• The settings made via the web interface

For further information contact: Bertil Göransson, Managing Director, bertil.goransson @, Tel: 031-559977

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